Raising awareness of Morgellons Disease and supporting research for a cure are the primary aims of the Charles E. Holman Foundation.

Every spring the Holman Foundation sponsors the Medical Scientific Conference on Morgellons Disease in Austin, TX, to provide research scientists throughout the world a venue in which to share their work on Morgellons Disease. Medical professionals and patients attending the conference engage directly with the researchers to exchange the latest information.

The Charles E. Holmann Morgellons Disease Foundation is the only recognized authority on Morgellons and stands alone in funding scientific research of this condition since the year 2005.

All doctors, scientists and people interested in exchange about Morgellons are invited to participate in the CEHF’s events: https://morgellons-mould-more.eventbrite.co.uk

The  foundation acts as advocate and proponent for scientific research, education, patient outreach, diagnosis and treatment of Morgellons Disease.
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